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Pac-Man (2003)

Pac-Man was designed by Team Duct Tape at Pugwash District High School for the 2003 Robots EAST Competition.  This robot was designed with the purpose of gathering tennis balls and sorting them by color.  It also had to be able to maneuver an oversized hockey puck.  The objective of the competition was to play a altered form of hockey with your robot.  To score 1 point you put a tennis ball of your color into your colored net.  While putting the puck into a net subtracted 5 points for the net owner's score.  Tennis balls in your net of the wrong color subtracted 1 point from your score.  Also, Pac-Man was built to be fast and agile as well as to be able to sustain some "checking" from the opposing teams.


Pac-Man showing off his lasso that was used to hold onto the puck to move it around.





We installed a conveyor belt style collector to pick-up the tennis balls and send them to be sorted.



With the sorting system we could not only hold the tennis balls until we were prepared to sort but also release them into the desired goal!




This is Pac-Man with the official competition puck.  As you can see it is rather large and in charge! =)