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Team Duct Tape (2004)

Team Members

Matthew Henderson                 Brad Trenholm
Bryan Porter                              Nathan MacLeod
Caitlyn Reid                               Travis Smith
Dorian Dorn                              Laura Cameron
Dwight Kouwenberg                Tim Wells
John Langille


Vic Matheson                            Jimmy Wells
Dennis Cox                               Jerry Coulter
Mike Power                               Levi Lloy
Jack Moore


Chairperson:  John Langille
Secretary:  Dorian Dorn
Treasurer:  Caitlyn Reid
Engineering Report:  Laura Cameron, Travis Smith, Nathan MacLeod, and John Langille
Heads of Design / Construction:  Tim Wells & Dwight Kouwenberg
Head of Multimedia:  Bradley Trenholm


Meeting #1 (Monday, January 27, 2004)

Our first "official" planning meeting took place on January 27.  So far we haven't come up with a team or robot name so we are still going under Team Duct Tape from last year.  We met after school for a few hours to discuss the competition and come up with some ideas and questions for the conference call.  Our kit arrived about half way thru the meeting so that provided some excitement!!  Below are some pictures from the meeting.

Conference Call (Thursday, January 29, 2004)

On January 29 our team met once again after school for the conference call.  We briefly discussed a few more questions before heading to the phones.  Below are some pictures from the call.

Construction (February 2, 2004 to March 25, 2004)

After the conference call was over and our concerns had been addressed we finalized our design and began construction.  This process will continue right up until the day before the competition.  Below are a few sneak peeks as most of our photos are top secret information until after the competition.